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When I am not occupied teaching, you can meet me here in the hours mentioned here below. Pass by and I'll make you a cup of tee. I look forward meeting you.

Mon & Wed 4.30-4.55 pm og 6.30-6.45 pm

+45 5389 0032 (best Mon-Fri: 12 am -2.30 pm) - or feel free to send a text for a quick reply

Søren Frichs Vej 36 G, lok. 09, 8230 Åbyhøj



I also train Yoga Instructors

I am the leader of a team of experienced instructors with different yoga backgrounds who have teamed up to create a new ground-breaking yoga training program. We train instructors with deep knowledge of the yoga methods and who can teach several kinds of yoga.

Former students in Yoga Teacher Training say

Shala Yoga Education is a heartfelt and warm school where you really feel welcome. The teachers are skilled and passionate, and characterize the education with their different professional skills and approaches to yoga. Before applying for the education I was unsure if it was right for me and if I was good enough, but I now know that no matter what, you have to go through a process and learn a part and I ended up being really happy for my choice. I feel that I have evolved incredibly and not least, I feel thoroughly initiated in the Ashtanga yoga tradition.

Line Mandrup Hansen

Former student of the Yoga Instructor Training

When I first showed up at the program, I felt very comfortable both among the other aspirants and the teachers. A "non judgmental" atmosphere.The size of the class is good. It provides better communication between the aspirants and more time and space for learning overall. We started very quickly teaching each other, first 2 and 2 and then the whole team, which quickly provides reasonable confidence in teaching. Excellent teachers in all subjects.

Lone Juul

Former student of the Yoga Instructor Training

At Ashtanga yoga Shala I received a very thorough and serious education in Ashtanga yoga. In addition, I have come to know how I can vary my yoga teaching through other forms of yoga. This teaching is provided by several different yoga teachers with a long-standing knowledge of and practice of yoga behind them. Education has also provided knowledge of the philosophical and anatomical theories of yoga, which together have completed education. I feel well prepared for my future work as a yoga teacher.

Mette Albrechtsen Bitsch

Special education Teacher and pd. in pæd. psyk.